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How many licks…

What would you do for 10 bucks!
Get your head out of the gutter folks!
There are kids in the room (maybe)

I have two lovely nieces and boy are they amazing.
They are beautiful, they are funny, they are talented (it’s like I am describing myself right? j/k)
A BIG difference Is that there are things THEY will do for a tenner or a fiver that I WILL NOT!

Picture this
A Burgundy F150 parked in a dusty driveway just outside of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. This F150 has had her fair share of experiences but none like what she was about to be involved in.
Tarla, the trucks name, was minding her own business when this little girl not but the age of 12 decided to take a bet made by her awesome aunt Myshel (that’s me)

ME: “I will give you 10 bucks if you lick that bird poop on Tarla’s hood”

The little gal looks at her amazing aunt with inquisitive eyes…probably wondering if she heard her aunti correctly.


ME: “lick that poop and I will will give you 10 buckeroos!”

She looks at me, looks at Tarla’s hood and decided right there that reward outweighed the cost and my little, beautiful, funny, talented niece…


TEXTURES… a fitting transition from todays story.
Here are a few texture photo’s I took!