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I think I have morning sickness

Me , 7-8 years old, standing in the kitchen with my mother one morning.
“Mom, I think I have morning sickness, I wake up every morning with an upset stomach”
Mom stops what she’s doing and turns to me with a hint of a smile.
“I doubt that is what is it, morning sickness is something you get when you are pregnant”

For those of you that know me, you would have heard about my love for flamingos!
This all started in my first year of Graphic Design where I was assigned this mystical create for assignment.
First year was full of some great thumbnails, attention to detail and a flow of ideas.
Although I have kept and built on some of these things, I have lost the THUMBNAILS!
Last week when I started going through my past work I was reinsured to go back to scratch and start paying more attention to the beginnings instead of rushing to the end.


Are there stars in Egypt?

cartoon camel

April 30th will mark not only the 35th anniversary of my hatching but also a year of marriage to my one of a kind love! His name is Haitham.
How do you say that? Well when I first introduced him to my family about 3 years ago the way we got people to pronounce it right was to wave your hand for “HI” and give a thumbs up for “thumb” put it together and you have HITHUMB (Haitham).

Having your name pronounced incorrectly on a daily bases would be so annoying (so I thought) but Haitham has been dealing with it for so long that he doesn’t even notice and doesn’t even take the time to correct anyone when he does.

For about a year I was saying his name wrong and it wasn’t until I pointed out that someone else was mispronouncing it ( or so I thought) that he corrected ME! Apparently I had been in the wrong the entire time and he didn’t want to mention it.

He’s a keeper
And I am glad he choose me!

When we first met I was living with my brother and his family. My nieces Miah and Allyia are curious little chickas and had lots of questions for this new man in their aunties life.
Why so curious you might ask? Because my man is from Egypt!

One of the first questions asked ( I shall not point out by which niece) was
“Does Egypt have stars”? My calm, compassionate man resists the urge to mock and laugh and simply says “why yes we do!” The rest of the family hangs their head in slight embarrassment and laughter.
“Are their cars in Egypt” was another question asked. I took the lead on that one answering “No they just ride camels.” You have to smile at the innocents of a child.


This was a project from first year.
I generally try to use humour in my work and how better to use it when taking about IMODIUM!


Unexpected Surprises

Take are ride with me!

It was an awesome date.
I think we had been meeting up for a couple months already?
It was almost my birthday so it was a lovely spring day.
We both walked out of the restaurant he went his way, I went mine.
Like always, my keys were in my hand and I unlocked the door to my little honda fit (sally) as I walked towards her.
By this time, i believe my little heart was covered in love and fuzzy feelings and I was maybe a little flighty….
I opened the door and bent to climb into my car. It was then that I caught a glimpse of something in the backseat. My heart skipped a little and my face flushed with a giant smile because there was a beautiful leather bag sitting in the backseat. My first thought was “omg how did he pull this off?” “How did he get this in my car without me knowing, is this an early bday present?” I closed the drivers door and jumped to the back of the car and picked up the bag and I was in “awww” of how amazing it was!
But then……
I looked inside and found loose leaf papers inside. With a look of confusion I stopped and looked around. It took me a few seconds to realize…

This COULD NOT be a present for ME for this IS NOT my car!!!


assorted chickens
surprise surprise

The chicken or the egg?

Well folks, I am not ashamed to say that there is ALOT of things in this giant world that
I just do not know! Im heading into my 35th year of life and I have only recently learned something that is MIND BLOWING to me!
Are you ready for this?

They don’t need no rooster.
My entire life felt like a sham when I found out!
I truly believed that a chicken can only lay eggs after a session of sexy time
with a dapper rooster. NOPE! WRONG!
They just have an amazing ability to produced the yummy eggs on the daily.

white chicken

Here is another fun fact for you….
Ever wonder why some chickens lay brown eggs while others lay white?
The details are in their earlobes…YES they have earlobes!
A chicken with red earlobes will lay a brown egg.
A chicken with white earlobes while lay a white one


featuring some local hot chicks!

Spy thighs

A look into the cray cray

Hello folks,
Thanks for stopping by…
You might be wondering what you are about to get yourselves into by stepping into my little world but don’t fret.  I promise to try and inspire while entertain you with what makes me,ME!
My plan each week is to post one or two stories along with some projects I have created or am currently working on.
Sit back…tiz gonna be a bumpy ride!