Kids these days…

It is sad that it takes so much extra time to find your year of birth when you are scrolling through the dropdown menus while signing up for things. When did this happen?
An exciting time for me these days is Netflix and chills…..as in Im freakin cold all the time and wear socks and sweats to bed. Nothing says come get me like an oversize sweater and PJ pants with hamburger faces on them.

Lets get back to the language of todays kidlets.


A girl I work with said she wants to go to the gym…she wants to look or be snatched.
I stopped what I was doing and asked her to repeat herself. “Do you know what that means”. She proceeds to tell me it means “looks good” or “in shape”….
My mouth was wide open and I told her what that word means to me or what it use to mean to the world….UGH…I am so old.

One of the assignments we had last year was to redesign a preexisting movie and change it up! I turned Ghostbuster into an Opera. “Operation Ghostbusters!” I created the images in Illustrator. This was one of my favourite projects I have done to date.


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