Life lessons, safety first

Establishing Relationship Roles

I get in the car, sit back and buckle up.
Haitham is in the driver seat, he waits for me to get situated before we get moving.

my solution…pull on the seat belt harder and faster
end result…the belt is now tighter and more constraining and I am now shouting out loud “why is it doing this? It’s locked up”!

Haitham, like always, waits for me to calm down and stop talking.
Haitham, like always, helps me…..
he calmly reaches over me and slowly pulls the seatbelt out and over me….smooth like butter.

He then answers my question of “why” by stating…the seat belt is made like this…the harder it is pulled, the tighter it locks. They are made like that on purpose.

I look at him and tell him to stop the car and look at me.

I said ” do you see that this very scenario is like the definition of our relationship and personalities”? I am the crazy tornado…you are the calming of the storm.

He laughs and says “this should be apart of a phycological test”

“picture this potential scenario”

You walk into an interview…you are asked to take a seat.
The interviewer now asks you to fasten your belt….it is then that you realize that there is a seat belt attached to the chair you are in.

You follow the instructions and buckle up…

“me”….it’s tight…I pull on it…it is tighter..I panic and rapidly yank on the strap across my chest like I am trying to start a lawnmower with a distraught look of fear on my face.

Caught up in the chaos I loose site of the fact that I am in a room with a potential new employer and finally look ….

Interviewer…”thanks for coming in”….


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