retro mom and daughter
Life lessons

I think I have morning sickness

Me , 7-8 years old, standing in the kitchen with my mother one morning.
“Mom, I think I have morning sickness, I wake up every morning with an upset stomach”
Mom stops what she’s doing and turns to me with a hint of a smile.
“I doubt that is what is it, morning sickness is something you get when you are pregnant”

For those of you that know me, you would have heard about my love for flamingos!
This all started in my first year of Graphic Design where I was assigned this mystical create for assignment.
First year was full of some great thumbnails, attention to detail and a flow of ideas.
Although I have kept and built on some of these things, I have lost the THUMBNAILS!
Last week when I started going through my past work I was reinsured to go back to scratch and start paying more attention to the beginnings instead of rushing to the end.


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