Unexpected Surprises

Take are ride with me!

It was an awesome date.
I think we had been meeting up for a couple months already?
It was almost my birthday so it was a lovely spring day.
We both walked out of the restaurant he went his way, I went mine.
Like always, my keys were in my hand and I unlocked the door to my little honda fit (sally) as I walked towards her.
By this time, i believe my little heart was covered in love and fuzzy feelings and I was maybe a little flighty….
I opened the door and bent to climb into my car. It was then that I caught a glimpse of something in the backseat. My heart skipped a little and my face flushed with a giant smile because there was a beautiful leather bag sitting in the backseat. My first thought was “omg how did he pull this off?” “How did he get this in my car without me knowing, is this an early bday present?” I closed the drivers door and jumped to the back of the car and picked up the bag and I was in “awww” of how amazing it was!
But then……
I looked inside and found loose leaf papers inside. With a look of confusion I stopped and looked around. It took me a few seconds to realize…

This COULD NOT be a present for ME for this IS NOT my car!!!



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