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I think I have morning sickness

Me , 7-8 years old, standing in the kitchen with my mother one morning.
“Mom, I think I have morning sickness, I wake up every morning with an upset stomach”
Mom stops what she’s doing and turns to me with a hint of a smile.
“I doubt that is what is it, morning sickness is something you get when you are pregnant”

For those of you that know me, you would have heard about my love for flamingos!
This all started in my first year of Graphic Design where I was assigned this mystical create for assignment.
First year was full of some great thumbnails, attention to detail and a flow of ideas.
Although I have kept and built on some of these things, I have lost the THUMBNAILS!
Last week when I started going through my past work I was reinsured to go back to scratch and start paying more attention to the beginnings instead of rushing to the end.

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Long time no talky

Hello all, it’s me again….

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything in here but I assure you ( lol, I am talking like I have a world of fans reading this) that I have been trying to keep busy.

2020 sucks ass , we all know that. My year started out with a divorce, a move, and a new job…all big things for a January. February was a mix of “what the F%$* life”, what is going on? The end of February to mid March I was finally starting to get into a groove at my new job then the beloved COVID dropped on the world. At least I am not alone with the crazyness that is life.

So how have I been spending my time? Since being laid off in March, I have been trying to do a little soul searching. Not gonna lie, it was ugly….some days are still FUgly. I am no stranger to the anxiety, depression train and it is times like this that someone with my disfunction can buy a one way pass and follow along the track into a long dark tunnel. Not having a purpose on the daily ( like a job) can really mess with ones mind. I found myself no longer caring about even the basics of life. Eating? Nah…. Bathing? Nah….. Talking, socializing? BIG Nah…. sleeping? YES! And for those days that I could not bare to come out of my bedroom, nor could I sleep anymore…I was guilty of taking what ever I needed to make myself fall back into the abyss…just get the days over with.

Not having a purpose or schedule can really mess with the head that may already be messy. So I started to force myself into a routine. GET UP! GO FOR A WALK! Walk with my headphones on, listen to music, grab a coffee. Each day…repeat. Eventually I started want to get up ( most days) and even started finding inspiration for painting and drawing again. Even though I still have naps during the day, I do feel like I am getting better….trucking along…trying to find my groove during all of this. I honestly am blessed with some amazing people in my life. My family and friends seem to always be there…they show up…even when I cannot. It is amazing to feel the love and support, even when they are open with not really understanding the why’s and how’s of this disease, they are more then willing to stand behind me to get me through the goods and the bads.

OK now that I have aired all that “Dirty Laundry” ( don’t’ worry, am back to cleaning and bathing on the regular), let’s talk about the good that has risen from me since going through this recent downfall. I have been drawing…and drawing….and drawing. I has felt so liberating! As an artsy fartsy person, I find creativity cannot be pushed…I am either feeling it or not…but something has given me a little kick in the arse and I wanted to share a few things with you all! ( more to come )



Looking deeper into things

I think we often forget to (pardon the cliche) stop to smell the roses.
We get so caught up in our own little worlds that we often disregard or dismiss the buzzing world around us. It is still important to seek the calm and beauty that is still left within the chaos.

My last three years have been a rollercoaster. I am sure that my fellow classmates and all others that are in the midst of furthering their education can relate to this.
This last semester in particular has been a rocky one for me. I have had some super highs and some scary lows but now that the end is closer I almost regret not taking little moments within my own chaos to really enjoy what I was going through. Stopping to recognize the pure awesomeness of the realization that I am working towards a career within a sector that I not only love but that I AM GOOD AT!
YES I am a good designer!
I am creative and talented and am surrounded by people that encourage me and help push me to develop my talent. They help support me in during those highs and those lows…
Because THEY believe in me.
THEY believe that I have what it takes.
THEY believe that one day I will shut up and stop standing in my own way, with my own insecurities and realize that I AM WORTHY!


and you do too!
Stop and smell the roses…folks!


The Grid
Blizzarding Waters
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How many licks…

What would you do for 10 bucks!
Get your head out of the gutter folks!
There are kids in the room (maybe)

I have two lovely nieces and boy are they amazing.
They are beautiful, they are funny, they are talented (it’s like I am describing myself right? j/k)
A BIG difference Is that there are things THEY will do for a tenner or a fiver that I WILL NOT!

Picture this
A Burgundy F150 parked in a dusty driveway just outside of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. This F150 has had her fair share of experiences but none like what she was about to be involved in.
Tarla, the trucks name, was minding her own business when this little girl not but the age of 12 decided to take a bet made by her awesome aunt Myshel (that’s me)

ME: “I will give you 10 bucks if you lick that bird poop on Tarla’s hood”

The little gal looks at her amazing aunt with inquisitive eyes…probably wondering if she heard her aunti correctly.


ME: “lick that poop and I will will give you 10 buckeroos!”

She looks at me, looks at Tarla’s hood and decided right there that reward outweighed the cost and my little, beautiful, funny, talented niece…


TEXTURES… a fitting transition from todays story.
Here are a few texture photo’s I took!


Facts of Life

Where did you learn about the facts?

It was when Darlene quit the basketball team.
Dan and Roseanne were fighting over whether or not this is okay. Dan thinks there is something wrong with her…DARLENE is an athlete, a tomboy, there is no way she would quit the team. Roseanne thinks maybe she is just growing up, changing and that was ok.

I was sitting on the floor of the living room listening to the TV…every once in a while I would look up to see the iconic cast doing their thing but most of my attention was on the crafty project I was working on.( as always). I was probably around 7-8 years old, and in my own little world.

It wasn’t until Darlene blurted out the REAL reason for quitting the team that I lifted my head, giving the teenage girl my upmost attention.

Period? …punctuation? Why would this make her quit? What does grammar have to do with playing sports? …what is she talking about…

It was a long night for my momma

Strength and Support

Baby shark do do do do do do (bite)

Well today I feel like revealing a little more I think.
Most people who have met me may not know that I have a shark bite on the back of my left leg ( or at least that is what my brother calls it). It is actually not from a cute baby shark but from a raging infection most would know as “The Flesh Eating Disease” (necrotizing fasciitis).
When I was 19 my life and the lives around me were turned upside down when we discovered that I not only had this lovely affliction but was also diagnosed with Leukaemia.
Let me tell you folks…that was a conversation one doesn’t forget.

How did I get this?
Well, fun fact…we all have this bacteria on our skin, but don’t worry, it takes a few things to align perfectly before it will ever take action.
I unfortunately contained just the right environment to house this little bacteria factory.
I had an infected cut on my arm(a catch scratch from the pet store I worked at), a pulled muscle in my leg ( from wrestling like an idiot with a friend) and a low immune system( I wasn’t aware of). THE TRIFECTA of luck!
The bacteria looks for a point of entry and then a place to attack…my cut let it in, my pulled muscle offered a place to sleep and my low immune system had written an offer for a long term rental agreement. LUCKY ME!

The weeks leading up to this triumphant event were filled with frustration. I knew I had pulled a muscle in my leg but I was also suffering from lower back pain. I visited my family doctor and we came to the conclusion that my back pain was due to my new job, cleaning cages at a pet store, using muscles I wasn’t use to using. I was given exercises to strengthen my muscles and was told that my leg will probably require therapy in the future. I went to a walk in clinic for the cut on my arm (from the cat scratch) and was given antibiotics to help clear the obvious infection that was brewing.

If this was a movie, I can see myself sitting back and watching as each story/senerio fell into line. I would be telling my friends watching with me….there is something that is going to happen. I can sense some sort of danger…somethings coming……
I would be yelling at the TV…GIRL THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG

My back wasn’t getting better, my cut wasn’t healing and my leg was getting worse.
What was once a sore, stretched muscle feeling, was now becoming a deep throbbing pain.
I took myself to the hospital…I had a feeling that something wasn’t right but they too said that it was a pulled muscle and I will most likely be in for some physiotherapy once my leg got a little better. For precaution they gave me a shot of heparin to make sure there wasn’t anything else brewing like a blood clot. They gave me some crutches and sent me home.

Things got worse

At the time I was working as a karaoke DJ at the the good ol “SIMCOE HOTEL” ( now called bourbon). It was a late night and my leg was visibly angry. It was fat, it was red and it was HOT. At this point I could no longer put weight on it and when I tried the pain brought tears to my eyes.
I got my but to the hospital (RVH) and told them I wasn’t leaving until they figured out what the hell was wrong with me…I knew this was more that just a pulled muscle.

Life is funny and I truly believe things happen for a reason.

RVH had a doctor visiting from Toronto, he was there, I was there…we were meant to meet!
I wish I could remember his name but the moments that followed our introduction get blurred in my memory.
He saw my leg and knew what it was in an instant.

My only memory “ish” is of me laying in a bed in a tiny room. By this time they had looked me over and taking some blood from me. We were waiting for the results so my mother left for home to pick up some extra clothes and such as we were told I would most likely be staying the night.

Again, I can picture the “behind the scenes”
The doctors talking around the nurses station…the audience tensing up at the news that the 19 year old is about to hear. Hearts beating, maybe a few tears welling up…

I lay in the tiny little room, florescent lights glowing above me, my leg pulsating in pain pounding with the beat of my heart, so many scenarios running through my head.

Two doctors enter the room, one stands on either side of me
“You have leukaemia”
“You have necrotizing fasciitis, the flesh eating disease”……TBC



Kids these days…

It is sad that it takes so much extra time to find your year of birth when you are scrolling through the dropdown menus while signing up for things. When did this happen?
An exciting time for me these days is Netflix and chills… in Im freakin cold all the time and wear socks and sweats to bed. Nothing says come get me like an oversize sweater and PJ pants with hamburger faces on them.

Lets get back to the language of todays kidlets.


A girl I work with said she wants to go to the gym…she wants to look or be snatched.
I stopped what I was doing and asked her to repeat herself. “Do you know what that means”. She proceeds to tell me it means “looks good” or “in shape”….
My mouth was wide open and I told her what that word means to me or what it use to mean to the world….UGH…I am so old.

One of the assignments we had last year was to redesign a preexisting movie and change it up! I turned Ghostbuster into an Opera. “Operation Ghostbusters!” I created the images in Illustrator. This was one of my favourite projects I have done to date.

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Establishing Relationship Roles

I get in the car, sit back and buckle up.
Haitham is in the driver seat, he waits for me to get situated before we get moving.

my solution…pull on the seat belt harder and faster
end result…the belt is now tighter and more constraining and I am now shouting out loud “why is it doing this? It’s locked up”!

Haitham, like always, waits for me to calm down and stop talking.
Haitham, like always, helps me…..
he calmly reaches over me and slowly pulls the seatbelt out and over me….smooth like butter.

He then answers my question of “why” by stating…the seat belt is made like this…the harder it is pulled, the tighter it locks. They are made like that on purpose.

I look at him and tell him to stop the car and look at me.

I said ” do you see that this very scenario is like the definition of our relationship and personalities”? I am the crazy tornado…you are the calming of the storm.

He laughs and says “this should be apart of a phycological test”

“picture this potential scenario”

You walk into an interview…you are asked to take a seat.
The interviewer now asks you to fasten your belt….it is then that you realize that there is a seat belt attached to the chair you are in.

You follow the instructions and buckle up…

“me”….it’s tight…I pull on it…it is tighter..I panic and rapidly yank on the strap across my chest like I am trying to start a lawnmower with a distraught look of fear on my face.

Caught up in the chaos I loose site of the fact that I am in a room with a potential new employer and finally look ….

Interviewer…”thanks for coming in”….


Confessions of a chubster

Pink dress

I used to be in a band. (the Midnight Roses)
We were a folk/bluegrass bunch of gals who had a the pleasure of touring for a couple of years. One of our “schticks” was that we dressed in more of a retro style..fancy dresses and such. I was always on the look out for a new dress to wear, generally I found most things at our local thrift stores but occasionally I splurged and would go to an actual store.

One of the most “hoity toity” stores where I lived was “the CO-OP”
(weird I know because in every other place a CO-OP is for farm supplies and foods)
….but we were different.

SO I went into the department store and found myself a DOOZY of a dress. It was pink, it was fluffy and it was perfect! I tried it on and it was a little snug but I decided to get it anyhow.
( a case of denial)

Well, the day came where I was going to debut my new digs in a show were were playing the evening. I did my hair, put on some makeup, sucked my body into some spanx. The last thing left to do was to put on my new dress.
I pulled the dress on over my head , wiggled it into place and over stretched my arms to do up the zipper. I stretched and stretched and moaned and groaned and started to finally make some head way, it started to zip up!
good when to bad…the zipper was stuck! I was like a stuffed sausage. I couldn’t get the sucker up or down my body, it was stuck in the sweet spot, around my round tummy and under my large rack!
I started to sweat, I started to cry and I started to panic! No matter how hard I tried this thing wasn’t going ANYWHERE! I had visions of me running outside to my neighbours to get help or calling someone to come over. But I was alone and I would have to get myself out of this mess. I made my way from the bedroom to the kitchen. I opened the drawer and took out some scissors and began to cut myself out.

Lucy and Charlie

(What I am about to tell you next is between you and me!)

Here I sat, a ripped dress around me, sitting on my kitchen floor in my spanx crying and wondering what the heck I was going to wear.

I got dressed, got in my car and drove to the CO-OP where I found myself the next size up of that lovely dress and I exchanged it!


Are there stars in Egypt?

cartoon camel

April 30th will mark not only the 35th anniversary of my hatching but also a year of marriage to my one of a kind love! His name is Haitham.
How do you say that? Well when I first introduced him to my family about 3 years ago the way we got people to pronounce it right was to wave your hand for “HI” and give a thumbs up for “thumb” put it together and you have HITHUMB (Haitham).

Having your name pronounced incorrectly on a daily bases would be so annoying (so I thought) but Haitham has been dealing with it for so long that he doesn’t even notice and doesn’t even take the time to correct anyone when he does.

For about a year I was saying his name wrong and it wasn’t until I pointed out that someone else was mispronouncing it ( or so I thought) that he corrected ME! Apparently I had been in the wrong the entire time and he didn’t want to mention it.

He’s a keeper
And I am glad he choose me!

When we first met I was living with my brother and his family. My nieces Miah and Allyia are curious little chickas and had lots of questions for this new man in their aunties life.
Why so curious you might ask? Because my man is from Egypt!

One of the first questions asked ( I shall not point out by which niece) was
“Does Egypt have stars”? My calm, compassionate man resists the urge to mock and laugh and simply says “why yes we do!” The rest of the family hangs their head in slight embarrassment and laughter.
“Are their cars in Egypt” was another question asked. I took the lead on that one answering “No they just ride camels.” You have to smile at the innocents of a child.


This was a project from first year.
I generally try to use humour in my work and how better to use it when taking about IMODIUM!